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Crayola® Artist's Passport at Dressel Elementary – Crayola Imagine Arts Academy

Crayola® Artist's Passport at Dressel Elementary

Scholarships available Arts Academic

Crayola Imagine Arts Academy

Date/Time: Jun 24 - 27, 2024     9:00am - 3:00pm
Ages: 5-12
Cost: $299.00
Registration deadline: Jun 18, 2024

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Project 1: Aboriginal Dot Art & Block Printing
Enter Australia’s Western Desert & see how family stories are carried from one generation to the next. We will pass on our personal tales by painting with the dot art technique. Admire European wallpaper styles, then design and print our own block pattern.

Project 2: Animal Sculptures & Rattle Drums
Go to Mexico and learn the story of the alebrije dream and how it unleashed a whole new art form. We’ll take our creativity to the wild side by blending fauna and flora. Discover the art of writing with Chinese calligraphy use them on a rattle drum.

Project 3: Imperial Jeweled Eggs & Tiki Masks
Over 100 years ago, the Russian czar had Fabergé create ornate egg-shaped gifts with precious metals and gems. Learn how to design and sculpt an egg. Set sail for the Polynesian islands where the people created tikis to show respect or to guard & protect.

Project 4: Mud Art & Fish Printing
Let's take a closer look at textiles and their designs. They can be used to tell stories. We'll use stencils of creatures that are meaningful to the people of Korhogo to create a wallhanging. Explore Japan's tradition of Gyotaku: “fish printing."

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