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Crayola® Wild World at The Center of Clayton – Crayola Imagine Arts Academy

Crayola® Wild World at The Center of Clayton

Nature Arts Academic Scholarships available

Crayola Imagine Arts Academy

Date/Time: Aug 8 - 12, 2022     9:00am - 3:00pm
Ages: 5-12
Cost: $320.00
Registration deadline: Aug 1, 2022

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Coiled Turtles: From sleek sea turtles to sturdy, land-based tortoises, turtles can be found in many shapes, sizes, and habitats. They also face many threats, so they need our help! Kids create unique turtle sculptures to inspire people and raise awareness.
Dancing Jellyfish: Jellyfish dance and drift through the water, and are found in every ocean on Earth! Kids create colorful, mixed media jellyfishes. They also learn about Jacques Cousteau and marine life artist Wyland, and their love for underwater ecosystems.
Elephant Silhouettes: Elephants are the largest land mammals on Earth! Kids learn about these gentle giants and the conservationists who are working to protect them while using a silhouette painting technique to create elephant and tree shadows on a canvas sunset background.
Hanging with Orangutans: Create animal-themed art projects and learn about orangutans.
Lion Sculptures: Lions are majestic animals and fearsome predators. It’s no wonder a group of them is called a “pride”! Let's learn how to create our own lion sculptures, and design savanna habitat dioramas for them to live in.
Owl Collage: Create animal-themed art projects and learn about owls.
Polar Bear Models: Polar bears are amazing animals that face many threats to their survival. Kids imagine life in the Arctic and walk in the footsteps of Mardy Murie, the grandmother of the conservation movement. Children sculpt and paint polar bears on an ice floe.
Slithering Snakes: Snakes are fascinating and often misunderstood reptiles. Their skin has unique textures, colors and patterns. Kids learn about conservationist Romulus Whitaker, “The Snake Man of India.” They also design their own three-dimensional, patterned snakes.
Speckled Frogs: Frogs come in many colors and patterns. Some are bold and some are camouflaged. Let's find out more about these amphibians, and use a special technique to paint speckled, watercolor frogs.
Watercolor Sharks and Fish: The streamlined shapes of sharks and fishes inspire kids to use simple shapes to draw them swimming in a coral reef. Then they add paint to create a colorful scene under the sea. They learn about conservationist Eugenie Clark, “The Shark Lady”.

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