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Crayola® Artist’s Passport at Pattonville School District – Crayola Imagine Arts Academy

Crayola® Artist’s Passport at Pattonville School District

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Crayola Imagine Arts Academy

Date/Time: Jun 14 - 18, 2021     9:00am - 3:00pm
Ages: 5-12
Cost: $230.00
Registration deadline: Jun 7, 2021

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Aboriginal Dot Art We are going to the Land Down Under! Enter Australia’s Western Desert and see how family stories are carried from one generation to the next. Every family has its story, and we will pass on our personal tales by painting with the dot art technique.

Animal Sculptures It’s time to turn a fantastical dream into a fantastic work of art! Let’s go to Oaxaca, Mexico and learn the story of the alebrije dream and how it unleashed a whole new art form. We’ll take our creativity to the wild side by blending fauna and flora.
 Block Print Wallpaper World travel is great for mixing up new ideas. Block printing concepts from the east were brought to the west, and the art of wallpaper began in Europe. Let’s admire European wallpaper styles and then design and print our own block patterns.
Fish Printing Let’s learn about some traditional Japanese art forms. Fishermen used to make prints of the fish they caught, to document the size & species. Elaborate screens were also an element in many Japanese homes. We will create fish prints, & miniature screens.
Imperial Jeweled Eggs We’re sneaking a peek at a collection of treasures made for the royalty! Over 100 years ago, the Russian czar had the jeweler, Fabergé, create ornate egg-shaped gifts with precious metals and gems. We will learn how to design and sculpt an egg.
Mud Art Let’s take a closer look at textiles and their designs - the symbols, patterns and borders on a cloth can be used to tell stories. We’ll use stencils of creatures that are meaningful to the people of Korhogo to paint a wall-hanging using earthen colors.
Rattle Drums This class cultivates the art of writing with Chinese calligraphy. We will learn the importance of movement and flow with a calligraphy-style brush technique, and turn ideas into images. We’ll preserve Chinese characters on a rattle drum.
Pacific Coast Art We will learn about the Pacific First Nations peoples’ traditions of symbols, crests & totem poles. Learning from their style & heritage, we will draw our own stylized figures, and then sculpt them onto a miniature totem pole
Tiki Masks Let’s set sail for the South Pacific! The people of the Polynesian islands believed that they needed to stay connected with nature in order to live comfortably. They created “tikis”, or carvings, to connect with personifications of the forces of nature.

Truck Art We’re driving into a kaleidoscope of colors when we visit Pakistan! The roads are full of decorated vehicles, each one made to its driver’s liking. We will observe the basics of Pakistani truck art, and apply what we learn to create our own.

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