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Mad Science Wings and Things at Brentwood Parks and Rec – Mad Science Summer Camps

Mad Science Wings and Things at Brentwood Parks and Rec

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Mad Science Summer Camps

Date/Time: Aug 7 - 11, 2023     9:00am - 3:00pm
Ages: 5-11
Cost: $300.00
Registration deadline: Aug 3, 2023

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It's an Up Thing:
Kids will explore the role that wind and the movement of air plays on simple flying devices such as kites, hot air balloons and parachutes. Children will experiment with solar bags, parachutes and build their own kites during this hands-on look at flight.
Milky Way:
What is the Milky Way? Children will explore the celestial sphere, learn about celestial navigation and build their own sextant, sundial, planisphere and even a refracting telescope while discovering the wonders of the Milky Way.
Newton's Loco-Motion:
Sir Isaac Newton was very curious about how things move. Discover Newton’s Laws of Motion in this hands-on program all about motion. Children will experiment to learn how inertia works and how gravity is a physical force that keeps things on the ground.
Rockin' Rockets:
Discover the stages of rocket flight and how Newton’s third law applies to a rocket traveling to space. The children will build their own Mad Science Skyblazer rockets, experiment with water rockets and stomp rockets during this fun filled day.
The "Wright" Stuff:
Children will explore the fundamentals of aerodynamics in this hands-on program about how things fly. From the basic principles of flight to building airplanes, and balloon helicopter building, children will understand what makes things fly.

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